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Company Profile

Aaron Group of companies comprise of multiple niche units dealing in specific fields, these operations are controlled under three separate companies registered and incorporated under the companies act 1956 and are over a decade old. Aaron group has a turnover of over 400 million and is a trusted name in the eastern sector of India.

Aaron Marketing Services (P) Ltd (inc.2001)

Aaron Portals ( The company has embarked upon projects that will comprise of niche, separate and unique portals. The portal will comprise of numerous individual websites with information on Hotels, Travel, education, economy and many more informative pages targeting not only tourists but also investors, students and general public to know Sikkim as a holistic individual and unique part of the country. The portal has over 400 hotels to choose from and takes care of all travel needs at the click of your mouse. The secure payment gateway facilitates easy booking and the local office takes care of all contingencies and specific needs. Taking a look at the portal will spell as to how we propose to change the travel portal business in India. The first portal is ready to launch and work as started on too. Each portal is expected to have a minimum turnover of over a 100 million every year.

Aaron Luxury Cab Services

This unit operates in the Northeastern Sector India and controlled from our regional office at Gangtok (Sikkim). Luxury Toyota Innovas and Mahindra Scorpio’s / Xylo’s comprise the fleet and for the guests comfort and convenience our vehicles are air-conditioned and fitted with unique accessories like refrigerator, which is stocked up with mineral water, cold drinks and cold snacks, quick bites like chips, cake slices etc are also available. The vehicle is also equipped with A/c charger with which guests can charge/use laptop, Mobile or any other electronic equipment. The vehicle also has a unique coffee / Tea maker which allows a choice of any location break and ideal for people who like to avoid shady road side kiosks. The vehicle is also equipped with state of the art audio – video system which will play guests choice of music or movie from the list of CD’s, DVD’s and VCD’s available. For guests who may get mountain sick, we have medicines, we also provide mountain sickness bags free of cost. We also provide complimentary mineral water and soft drinks.

Institutional / Project / Product / Timeshare Marketing

Marketing – The Dictionary meaning of this term is rather extremely simple and put as act or process of buying and selling in a market or the commercial functions involved in transferring goods from producer to consumer. On a broader context, we believe, marketing is the most complex and difficult operation to promote, propagate and sell a product, idea or a combination of both. This organization was formed keeping in view the immense scope in the said field. We have, over the years have evolved into a specialized unit marketing various products, doing brand promotions, institutional marketing and property / Time share property marketing. Marketing Non-RCI units like Ibizza (West Bengal) make us one of the best in the field. Our property marketing personnel are handpicked from the best units of South & West India and our organization is the best choice in eastern India when it comes to Marketing.

Aaron Logistics and Warehousing

Shipping, Custom Handling, Warehousing, Land Shipment and Hire of Cranes, re-stackers, forklifts etc comprise of the activities of Aaron Logistics and Warehousing solutions unit. Solutions are provided through our chain of private entities and Central Warehousing Corporation, Govt. of India enterprise.

Interior - Exterior designing solutions.

Interior decoration and landscaping are the final ornaments to all construction, be it residential or commercial. We specialize in all types of interior – exterior designing and construction. We have our own, highly skilled teams for the purpose. The most striking part is that our price falls over 30% cheaper compared to our closest competitor.

Technical & Project Consultancy.

Small to medium scale industry in terms of Construction, Hotel, Travel, education, horticulture, food processing, warehousing, PPP’s and business franchising comprise of the range of activities for this unit. We arrange finances, provide project reports, feasibility study, work on Govt. subsidies, banking and do all necessary paperwork for the projects undertaken on consulting, equity and partnership basis.

Our team

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General Manager [Travel Portals]
Possesses an IATA certified double masters in travels and hospitality management. Avijit Choudhury looks after all FIT, MICE and corporate travel including OTA management for establishments, in the last 11 years of his service with us Avijit Choudhury has been instrumental in excellent customer service to the growing client base of the company.


Manager [Logistics]
Has 25 years’ experience in the field of Hospitality Service Logistics and is instrumental in logistics services in entire north-east. Be it MICE movements of 600 guests or managing over 100 different trips in a day, Narayan K Gurung has done them with ease and zero complains, in the last 10 years he has been with us, including conferences of Defence ministry.


Manager [Hospitality Services]
She is the key to communication and subtly keeps in touch with hotels, chauffeurs and clients and ensures that everything goes smooth. Her primary functions are to manage contingencies and ensure guest satisfaction. During her 12 years long service in our organization she has served many VVIPS & Celebrities.


Advisor (Heritage Travel)
An expert and celebrated Numismatist and Philatelist (Specialist in North East Indian Coins)is our guide and mentor, during his leisure he helps us suggesting new places, monuments etc that are etched in History. He is also the head of Blood Donor Organization and comes in handy w.r.t emergency help.


Managing Director RM.(retd) CWC, Ministry of food Govt. of India, after having given 35 years of implacable service with honesty to the organization joined Aaron MS (P) Ltd in the year 2005 spearheading new verticals in the fields of logistics and travel management in the company. He has also been the pioneer in procuring Governmental and Institutional contracts for the company.


Associate Director, HR & PR
Coming from a commerce background, she has over 15 years of corporate experience in the field of HR and also heads our PR department.


Director Business Development
A bachelor’s degree holder in the field of Electronics Engineering (Specialized in computer graphics) and a master degree holder in Management (Specializing in Marketing) with a corporate experience of over 20 years, has been the anchor for holistic business development in the company.